Sabarimala: Kerala police detains four year old kid for prayer chanting

According to a report by JanamTV, Kerala police has taken a four year old kid under custody from Sabarimala. The boy has been detained for chanting mantra of Lord Ayyappa.

The High Court, in its order had explicitly said that there should be no restriction on those chanting the name or mantra of Lord Ayyappa. The court directive asked not to restrict devotees trekking in groups or hailing their Lord.

However, going against the Court’s order, police arrested devotees from Vavar Nada and Sannidhanam for prayer chanting, including the four year old kid.

The tussle between Ayyappa devotees and CPIM led State Government in Kerala just don’t seem to be ending. The CPIM leaders have publicly expressed their disgust for prayer chanting. Earlier, Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac had termed the prayers as ‘abusive chants’.