Sakshi Maharaj Spoke The Truth, Why Are Secular Brigade Outraged By What He Said ?

Sakshi Maharaj last week said that certain section of the society is contributing in population explosion in the country however we don’t understand what was wrong in a very logical statement.

He spoke the fact and people who were hiding themselves under the blanket of secularism didn’t take the comment on a right sprite and went on to blame the minister for speaking the truth

The sold out media and the certified secular vultures of politics went on attack mode against Sakshi Maharaj for speaking the truth. This only shows to what extent the country is corrupted to please every section of the society. The population explosion is a reality and we need to accept it. It doesn’t matter which community is breading more.

“I said a woman is not a machine. Four wives, 40 children, three divorces, all this is not acceptable,” Maharaj said.

Hypocrites said Sakshi Maharaj was referring to Muslims and he has breached the code of conduct in UP however no were in the speech Sakshi Maharaj has mentioned it was muslims so the code of conduct was breached the self proclaimed secularist who blamed Sakshi Maharaj for speaking the harsh reality which no other leaders in the country has guts to even talk about. What was wrong in what Sakshi Maharaj said ? Is population explosion not a reality ? If its not then these hypocrites need to have a look at the census data and then justify their stand.

“The Hindu is not responsible for the population explosion (in India). It is those who keep 4 wives and produce 40 children,” he said. “Hindu ghata toh desh banta (If Hindu numbers go down, the country will be divided),” he added.

Demanding the arrest of a person who spoke truth only shows the way India is slowly turning out to be the communal capital of the world. People who are busy pleasing communities for their vote bank should understand that they have been putting the country at risk by their appeasement.