Sambhit Patra Blasts Arvind Kejriwal for calling PM Modi an ISI Agent-Video

Sambhit Patra came down heavily on Arvind Kejriwal, who called PM of India an ISI Agent. Actually Kejriwal issued a statement calling if PM has hand in glove with ISI and his MLA openly tweeted calling elected Indian PM of worlds largest democracy an ISI agent. Kapil Mishra and Kejriwal were also slammed by eminent personalities including even some left winged journos on this.

Sambhit Stated that we had recent terrorist attack at Brussels and Paris, we have had twin tower attack in USA. Did any elected representative call president of France, Belgium or USA like this? In fact, they get united against terror but in India, leaders like Kejriwal try baking political breads over terror wounds.

This is not the first incident, where AAP and Kejriwal is falling to such a low and shameful level. He has even called PM Modi Coward and Psychopath. He should remember that he is an elected CM by people of Delhi and Narendra Modi ji is an Elected PM by 1.25 Crore people of India. He should mind his language and should not utter such shameful statements and maintain some credibility not as an individual but at least as a CM.

Here is the full Video of Sambhit Patra slamming AAP and Kejriwal

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