Sambit Patra Gives TIGHT SLAP to Kejriwal, calls AAP as Abusing and Accusing Party

AAP Sambit Patra image 1

Arvind Kejriwal told Times now that PM Narendra Modi is only scared of AAP and that is why he is not letting AAP government work unconstitutionally. Kejriwal says that PM Narendra Modi only sees AAP whether is sleeping or awake. He says that AAP haunts him like a ghost in his dreams.

As was evident by the cartoon he posted on his twitter account today, he sees only Modi all the time behind each and every problem anyone faces.

On this comment, Sambit Patra gave a fitting reply to Kejriwal. Sambit Patra replied “When does Mr. Kejriwal work? His morning begins with ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’, his afternoons are ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’ & his evenings are ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’. Aam Aadmi Party stands for ‘Abusing and Accusing Party.’‪#‎AAPOfficeOfProfit‬”

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