Sardar Patel’s photographs gone missing from Congress’s posters, AGAIN!

Every political party has its own agenda nowadays. If you see the past, not even a single political party leave the great figures out of politics. Congress, which is the oldest political party in India, is the one that stands in the front of everyone when it comes to using famous figures for its own good. If we think, there should be no harm. But the problem is, Congress is one family party and as soon as their motive is completed, they simply forget the person.

Now, as we have all seen them in the rallies, public meetings and press conferences for the Gujarat Elections 2017, we all felt happy to see that they have at least started to recognize the importance of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Patel Ji’s photos were visible in all the posters right next to Gandhi Ji. But as always, the Congress party showed its true colors within 2 days after the final round of elections.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi took the oath today as the Congress President and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi left the seat after holding it for 19 years. Yes, for 19 long years she literally ruled the Congress party and now Mr. Rahul will do the same. Unfortunately, they forgot Sardar Patel at this time, as usual. There was not even a single photograph of Sardar Patel in the ceremony.

This may be considered as a small incident by the party workers and hardcore Congress followers but we all know this is the mentality of the Congress party. They do not know how to respect anyone other than Gandhi family. The family has ruled and looted India for a very long time and recently converted Maha Hindu Janeu Dhari Shriman Rahul Gandhi is no different from his ancestors.

It is time to show them that they cannot play with the emotions of the people of India. It is time to ensure that there is not even a single state in India where Congress acts as ruling party in Future. It is the only way to show them that they are wrong and they need to be punished in the most subtle manner.