Saudi Arabia all set to deport Rohingyas to Bangladesh

If reports are to be believed then Saudi Arabia administration is all set to deport a large population of illegal Rohingya infiltration from its land to Bangladesh. These Rohingyas had reportedly entered Saudi a few years back on passports of several South Asian countries and most particularly Bangladesh. The passports were obtained using fake documents.

The planned deportations come after Saudi Arabia ordered Bangladesh to take back more than a hundred Rohingya who came on Bangladeshi passports to the Gulf kingdom – amid fears that Bangladesh is repatriating Rohingya to Myanmar.

A report from the Middle East Eye suggests that the infiltrators were tortured inside a Saudi detention facility to sign on their deportation documents.
Several Rohingya detainees told Middle East Eye that they were “punched” in the chest by Saudi immigration police and forced to sign documents declaring they had “full mental health” to consent to be sent to Bangladesh.

Most of the infiltrators had entered Saudi Arabia on Umrah pilgrimage visas several years ago. But after being caught up in a series of Saudi immigration raids, the Rohingya were subsequently taken to the Shumaisi detention centre in Jeddah, where they confessed of coming to the country on fake passports.

It must be noted that Saudi Arabia has no official asylum or refugee policy and is not a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, which recognises refugees’ rights to work, be given travel documents and have freedom of movement.

Various human rights organizations have urged the Saudi Arabia administration to halt their plans of deporting Rohingyas. They have further urged Saudi to allow Rohingyas to live in their country. However the requests don’t seem to be making changes in the decision of the Gulf kingdom, just yet.