Saudi Arabia approves Yoga as sports activity

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday officially approved Yoga as a sporting activity under its Ministry of Trade and Industry. So, anyone who now wishes to practice or teach yoga can do so by applying for and procuring a licence for the same.

The leadership in Saudi Arabia, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, are changing history of Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince known as MBS launched the new vision 2030 that focuses on development and investing in youth.

His vision includes focus on health & wellness of the nation as well. This year Saudi Arabia has also allowed women to drive which came after the kingdom nation was widely criticised for years for its conservative attitude towards women.

The approval will enable anyone to get a yoga centre/studio license and start teaching yoga as a sports service under the head of business activity.

The news of the approval was made public by Saudi Arabia’s first woman yoga instructor, Nouf Marwaai. In a November 10 post on Facebook, she announced that the ministry has granted approval to practice yoga within the country.