What Savarkar said on Gandhi’s Non-Violence

Not only Dr. Ambedkar but Savarkar as well exposed the hypocritic mindset of Gandhi in many of his books.

During the pre and post-independence period, Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar wrote a number of articles which were regularly compiled in his books. The Gandhian Confusion is a collection of articles in which Savarkar highlighted the hypocrisy of Gandhi. He kept on taking active participation in politics despite the promise he made that he will never do such a thing and will concentrate only on Khadi. Also, the book pointed out the two-sided face of the so-called Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence theory. The Gandhian Confusion was released in 1927.

Non-Violence Theory Was A Fake

Gandhi had justified minor violence to avoid violence on a larger scale. He shared his opinion about killing the rabid dogs in this context. A lot of people especially from the Jain community condemned his idea about killing dogs.

On the same hand, when the Satyagraha movement was taking shape, the same Gandhi ‘ordered’ his followers not to take weapons in his hand even to kill a rabid dog. He didn’t even care if the Satyagrahis had to die because of his orders.

This amazing advocate of non-violence always ordered his followers to protest for the freedom of the country in a non-violent way without picking up any weapon. But when the time came to fight the Germans, he said that India should join hands with British and fight on the battleground.

In simple words, if Indians pick up weapons against British then it is violence. However, if the weapons were to be picked to kill Germans for the sake of training was in compliance with the theory of non-violence. Even if the Indians pick up the weapons in self-defense against the British, it is violence. However, killing innocent Germans to make British happy was non-violence. Savarkar pointed out this point specifically in the Gandhian Confusion.

The interesting case of Gandhi’s Muslim Appeasement

The book also highlights the ‘love’ Gandhi had for the Muslim community. He rushed to support a Muslim fanatic Abdul Rashid after Rashid murdered Swami Shraddhanand. This ‘Mahatma’ said that Rashid was his brother and he should be considered guilty of killing Swami Shraddhanand. The reason he gave was also ridiculous. He said that Rashid was under the influence of evil fellows who spread hatred.

If you have little idea about the history of that time, you must be aware of the fact that Swami Shraddhanand was on the top of the hit list of every Hindu hater of that time. He was behind a large number of campaigns to ensure re-conversion of the Islam to Hinduism. The hypocrisy of Gandhi became clearer because of the fact that though he supported Rashid and announced that he should not be considered guilty, he openly tagged activist and freedom fighter Gopinath Saha as a murderer for killing Ernest Day.

He also criticized Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das for support Saha. Savarkar rightly made the conclusion that Gandhi never had a problem in supporting ‘Muslim’ murderer. It seemed like he considered every Muslim his blood relative. On the worst side of this fact, Gandhi never showed even a hint of respect and regard for Hindus.

Savarkar, who was the founder of Abhinav Bharat Society openly wrote about Gandhi and his hypocritic mentality. His book The Gandhian Confusion is a great source of important facts that every person of the future generation should be aware of. Some of the books written by Savarkar and Babasaheb Ambedkar on Gandhi can give us the solution to many problems that we are facing in India today.