Save Bengal: A campaign which is writing the script for a second Renaissance

In recent years, the state of West Bengal has witnessed a significant rise in political violence. The visuals and memories of Panchayat polls and Lok Sabha polls are still fresh in the minds of the people, both of which were embroiled in widespread political violence, allegedly backed by the incumbent ruling regime of the TMC. On top of this, unemployment, corruption and rampant border infiltrations have become a cause of headache for many Bengalis.

Many believe that underneath all the plastic development of Kolkata and surrounding areas, the actual situation in West Bengal is fast deteriorating. And in such times, a large number of Bengalis from both within the state and outside, have decided to do something about their concerns, instead of limiting themselves to just being critics of the establishment.

A brainchild of BJP’s national joint general secretary (organisation) Shiv Prakash, The ‘Save Bengal’ campaign has provided the much needed platform which these concerned Bengalis were craving for, to make their voices heard. In a short span, thousands of Bengalis from both West Bengal and other states have enlisted themselves as volunteers in the ‘Save Bengal’ campaign.

These volunteers are of the view that ultra Socialist and appeasive policies implement under successive regimes of Left and TMC in West Bengal have pushed the state backwards from where it used to be at the time of independence. They are now batting for a party like BJP to rule the state, which has more Right leaning policies. This, they believe will bring in the much needed change in how West Bengal is governed.

Incidentally, a good number of these volunteers are current residents of various BJP ruled states due to professional commitments. They say that they are pretty much impressed with what they are seeing in their current state of residence, and want to see the same, back in their home state.

The volunteers for ‘Save Bengal’ mostly consist of Civil society members like writers, columnists, teachers and professors, IT experts, etc. The founder of this campaign, Mr. Shiv Prakash is of the view that the aim of ‘Save Bengal’ is not merely getting BJP into the power of West Bengal, but to provide an alternative intellectual narrative and addressing the problems of the state through the capacity of civil society.

‘Save Bengal’ is currently conducting a fresh round of membership drive and it invites educated and well meaning people, especially Bengalis, from all over the country to join them in their efforts. Those interested may click here to enlist themselves as ‘Save Bengal’ volunteers