School allegedly terminates Kid since his father is from BJP

The management of a school in Jharkhand is accused of discriminating against students. According to media reports, a student from a Muslim school located in Azad Nagar, Pandharpala of Dhanbad district was allegedly terminated because his father is the leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). According to local media, Syed Mahtab Alam is a member of BJP’s minority affairs committee in the state and his son was studying in nursery class.

Syed Mahtab Alam has alleged that since the school management has come to know that he is the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, they refused to teach his child in school. According to Syed Mahtab Alam, his child was going to school daily, but due to the discrimination attitude of the school, he could not get education. The father of the child took the complaint to the District Teacher Superintendent.

Syed Mahtab Alam told the media that his child was studying in a Muslim school. From the school side, the BJP has been termed as the anti-Muslim party. It has fallen on their child. According to the local media, after coming to headlines in the matter, Muslim school principal Nazneen Khan is on backfoot and she has denied all charges. Nazneenn Khan says that there is no issue about the removal of Syed Mahtab Alam on the basis of BJP. she said that the nomination of the BJP leader’s son in the school was for the last session i.e. 2017-18 and he has not nominated for the 2018-19 season.

After getting complaints from the BJP leader, the District Superintendent of Police has actively constituted a team to investigate the entire matter and after the investigation, he has spoken of strict action against the school management after being found guilty.

District Superintendent of Education has said that schools do not discriminate against religion, caste, creed etc. If the allegations come out right then the action against the school management will be strapped.

Source: Zee News Hindi