School Teacher from Tamil Nadu arrested for burning the National Flag

Prabhu, a school teacher, was arrested in Tamil Nadu for the unconstitutional act of burning the Indian National flag. He lives in the town of Swamimalai famous for the Murugan temple and teaches at a school in Pateeshwaram near Kumbakonnam Taluk.

Such Anti-National acts is not something new for the state of Tamil Nadu. Similar methods were employed by the Dravidian leader E V Ramasamy Naicker, who once threatened to burn the Indian National flag in the name of opposing Hindi. He was also once arrested for burning the constitution of India. The contemporary anti-nationalism in Tamil Nadu has roots in the Dravidian movement and most of the newfangled anti-nationalists follow the footsteps of E V Ramasamy Naicker.

Prabhu had posted the video of burning the Indian National flag in his Facebook page and did this treacherous act in the name of opposing the Central Government for not forming the Cauvery Management Board (CMB).

Here at SatyaVijayi, we had already discussed in one of our articles that the Supreme Court of India did not order the Central Government to setup the CMB. We had also discussed how politicians and media houses in Tamil Nadu are misinterpreting the order for their own benefits. This is purely done with the intention of brainwashing the public.

Supreme Court Chief Justice, Dipak Misra, gave a similar clarification regarding this issue yesterday.

Translation: In Cauvery judgement, we had asked for the implementation of “SCHEME” not setting up of Cauvery Management Board, Chief Justice Supreme Court of India

When there is such systematic network to spread lies on the Central Government and the idea of united India, few people fall victim to these lies and involve in Anti-National activities. There are numerous paid social media accounts in Tamil Nadu, who spread anti-national news and make ignorant people as victims by involving in anti-national activities. Unfortunately the State Government has not taken any strict actions against these accounts which spread fake news.

This video of the person burning Indian flag had become viral and once this post reached the police officials, he was arrested by the local police. Tamil Nadu Police is inquiring about the location of this anti-national activity, so that strict action can be taken on those who gave him venue to perform such an unconstitutional activity. It also should be noted that the person arrested is part of an organization called “Tamil Desiya Periyakkam”, which appears like a separatist organization.

Many strikes and protests are happening in Tamil Nadu regarding the CMB. Tamil Nadu AIADMK government is protesting today regarding this issue and the opposition DMK is going to protest on the 5th of April 2018. When Supreme Court gave the clarification that the “Scheme” mentioned in the judgment is not the board, the protests in the favor of Cauvery management board is completely out of context.

A hashtag called “#IndiaBetraysTamilnadu” was brought into national trends in twitter few days back by many of the paid anti-national accounts, which stimulates anti-national views into the minds of ignorant people.

The State AIADMK Government should regulate and control these activities by presenting proper facts and setting true narratives to the people.