Christianity related questions in Schools

Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party swept to power in an unprecedented victory, there were a lot of expectations from him to change the distorted Indian History. But, no major step was taken. In a normal Indian school, the history teaching starts from the Indus Valley Civilization, carefully skirts all the recent theories about the people migrating to rest of India after the decline of many of its cities. It assumes as though millions vanished in thin air.

In a question paper of History Exam In Don Bosch School floating on twitter clearly depicts how the core idea of this question paper could be to just instil Christian values in minds of young students.

The current history being taught in Indian schools looks like a medium to propagate anti Hindu values and there seem to be no steps from current Narendra Modi Government to change this .

Why are Schools not teaching about our own history?