What Is The Science Behind Tamil Nadu’s Pride called “Jallikattu”?

My Personal view on Jallikattu ( Hope this clears lots of misconception that’s going around).

Before the advent of tractors, bulls were used to plough the land . Even now where farmers cant afford tractors , they use bull. Once ploughing is complete, farmers start sow the land. Once the seeding begins, bulls are pretty much idle without any job to do.

So the farmers would let cows and bull loose in village to gaze and to mate. This way farmers need not worry about their cattle gazing their farm land and affect the produce. Bulls would be needed only after the harvest is done. Farmer would remove the rope from its nose in order to prevent the bull from abduction.

After the harvest there would be some left overs in the farm and cattle would be needed to gaze on them. There is added advantage for farmer when the cattle gaze on his farm at this point. They secrete manure and help soil gain strength and bulls can be used to transport the harvest.

This is where the fun begins. For the farmers, it’s a cake walk to bring back the cows but the bulls start to show their might. By this time bulls would be used to the freedom and would resist when farmer tries to catch it.

Youngsters in and around the village gather and would try to capture the bull. Do you remember when they were let loose the rope around the nose were removed ? How else would the bulls be captured now ?

You are right, by clinging on to the hump and try tie the rope. By this time bull owners usually put bounty on their bull. Youngsters with their guts and skill would then bring back the bull to the owner and demand the jackpot. By jackpot I literally mean jackpot > Jalli ( Sillarai , coins ) + kattu ( bag ) = Jallikattu.

The purpose of Jallikattu was never to harm the animal. In fact cows are worshiped in this part of the country and we have a festival every year dedicated to them. ( Maatu Pongal ). Majority of us don’t eat them, where is its almost a staple food in many western countries.

Over the years it has manifested to present day sport where bulls are let loose and people try to catch it. Even then there is absolutely no cruelty involved. Men are not allowed to carry any weapon or to wear any protective gear. Where as the bull which is many times stronger than average man also has its deadly horn by its side. This is a sport where man is unevenly matched against the animal. It’s the Bull’s game to lose.

Unlike western sports, Jallikattu is not about fighting / hurting / torturing / killing the bull. Each bull spends less than a minute on the field where as in Europe fight goes on until Bull is badly hurt.

There are one off cases where bull is treated badly or given liquor. But this is like saying lets all stop driving cars cos few drivers cause accidents. No, this is not the way forward, we should be able to regulate Jallikattu instead of totally banning it. PETA here has recorded minor incidents as these and was able to bring on the ban.

Why Jallikattu should not be banned:-

• To avoid native breed from going extinct. ( India does not need western semen for cows. PETA can you explain your funding ? )
• India need not make local breed extinct to export beef ( Tigers have got reserve forces to stop them from going extinct, not all animals enjoy the same protection )
• Having cattle improves soil health naturally. ( India does not need western Fertilizers that destroy our native soil )
• Farmers, our back bone, prosper.

Last time when a British company set foot in our country , they colonized us for more than century. It plundered our nation and made all our wealth and culture drain. We wont allow any more foreign entities to economically colonize us.

Jai hind !!!