Secret RPF Communication reveals Rohingyas are entering Kerala in large numbers

According to a NewsMinute report, Railway Protection Board had sent out a “secret communication” stating that large numbers of illegal Rohingya immigrants are entering Kerala through rail route. The communication was dated 26th September. The communication lists out 14 trains on which Rohingyas were reportedly travelling. The communication was sent by Principal Chief Security Commissioner of RPF To all his divisional commisioners. 

The notice states: “Input indicates that huge number of Rohingyas (an ethnic group of Myanmar’s Rakhine province), are travelling from every corner of North East states and ultimately heading towards Kerala, especially in the south bound trains.”

On Monday at Kolkata, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that all the state governments have been directed to identify Rohingya immigrants and take their biometric details. He further said that India would try to resolve the issue with Myanmar through diplomatic channels.

“Advisory has been sent to all states on Rohingya infiltration issue. The states have to identify them and record their biometrics. With detailed records, states will send reports to the central government. The government will initiate action with the records through diplomatic channels and talk to Myanmar to resolve issues,” Singh said on Kolkata on Monday, following the 23rd meeting of the Eastern Zonal Council.