See how the real agenda of NDTV was completely exposed.

The NDTV and its journalists are often accused of being biased and left leaning. In the panel discussions on NDTV, you will often see the anchor along with other left liberals forcing their agenda on the people of opposing side who are usually fewer in number. Their debates are not usually meant for constructive discussion but are only about spreading the leftist propaganda.

Today we will give an example of such a panel discussion on NDTV in which their real agenda was completely exposed.

There was a debate on NDTV about the growing vigilantism in the country, hosted by Srinivasa Jain.
From the very beginning it was clear that the show was not about any constructive discussion. But was only intended for BJP bashing. The host, Srinivasa Jain accused BJP of emboldening vigilanteism. But Subhrastha of India Foundation quickly refuted the argument that BJP is supporting vigilantes by showing statistics of vigilanteism carried out by non BJP people.

The host did not seemed to be expecting, Subhrastha to come with such straight statistics. Having no answer for the statistics shown by Subhrastha he quickly shifted the goal post and said that the discussion is only about vigilanteism carried out by Gau Rakshak’s.

This shifting of goal post completely exposed the agenda of NDTV, because that means the NDTV is not against vigilanteism in general but is only against the vigilanteism of Gau Rakshak’s. Is there good vigilanteism and bad vigilanteism like good terrorism and bad terrorism?

Throughout the program anchor, Srinivasa Jain kept on accusing the BJP of encouraging vigilantes. But Subhrastha refuted all his arguments by facts, despite being continuesly interrupted by the anchor and other left liberals in the panel.

The facts and statistics put up by Subhrastha, frustrated the anchor to such an extent where he almost confessed that the program is only and specifically about bashing the BJP and he is not interested in hearing anything which is not against the BJP.