Chennai as a city is one of the most unique of its kinds, an emotionally charged vibrant city which doesn’t shy away in expressing its emotion. During December 2015, we all came together to withstand the greatest tragedy that the city had faced yet we stood with solidarity in composing each other’s loss.

This December 2016 was something different, we suffered another huge loss. While some of us thought the city was going to erupt with Anger, all we did was sob in silence but with respect. At this time of grief, there was a bunch of warriors in Kakhi. These warriors who call themselves Tamil Nadu Police, guarded the city with courage, served its citizens with sincerity and controlled their emotions with dignity.

How did Chennai repay their courageous Men in Kakhi? Please watch the below video, it is a tribute to these Ninja like warriors by a bunch of angels from Chennai.

Below Text and Above Video is taken from the Facebook page

A heartfelt thanks to Chennai City Police from citizens of Chennai. When the entire city was expecting riot, it was the real heroes who maintained safety in the city!

Met few Police & discussed with them! They had only 2 to 3 hours sleep for the past 3 days!
An inspector went to his sister’s daughter marriage, returned back within few hours even without attending the marriage to protect us!

When discussed about the idea of thanking Police personnel to Cake Square & SnackExperts they readily agreed & offered Snacks to them!

Volunteers from Bhumi joined us! We went to Marina beach & started to distribute cakes & Snacks, First they didn’t understand what we are doing but then we could see a smile on their face!

A police man said that happy to see citizens appreciating what they are doing!

Went to kotturpuram police station & thanked Balakrishnan Velaiah sir! Had a chance to listen to his experience of the past 2 days! More than 15000 police were deployed & day & night & they all were standing with few hours of sleep!

Of all the above we Chennai citizens showed the world how disciplined we are yet again!
Requesting fellow people to just thank Police people if u see them some where as this may be a best reward from us which they won’t even expect

Heart felt thanks to Muthu Mayandi, Janaki Maya, Aarti Madhusudan,Prahalathan Karunakaran, Abinaya Rangarajan, Arul Murugan