Semen Lies Backfire !! Balloons Burst On Face

As Holi was nearing, I was more eager to look at this year’s anti-Hindu festival propaganda by media houses like Quint, Quint Neon,, and Scroll.

I thought that, the journalists who fill up their bath-tubs everyday would be preaching us to “Save Water” and not play Holi this year. For this they would be roping in Virat Kohli, who’s part of the sport that wastes around 40,000 litres of water per day for ground maintenance during the IPL in summer. But I was in for a huge surprise.

The narrative this year was “Semen-filled balloons hitting girls in Delhi”.

Facebook status accusing Delhi men

Did you see what just happened? The Social Justice Warriors just hit two birds with one stone. They made men look bad and at the same time made celebrating Holi a sin. You and I would see this just an accusation and wait for a complete report before forming an opinion. But what did the “intellectuals” do? They already started pushing the narrative of Indian men throwing the sperm filled balloon on the girl on the occasion of Holi. The narrative of Hindu festivals being regressive and Indian men being a potential “assaulter” was being set.

The agenda was clear! Tarnish Hindu religion and the festivals!

Before we find out who did it, let’s look at the possibility of this event. Call a balloon be semen filled? One facebook user debunked this with his theory :

A Facebook user suggests that there seems to be more than just Anti-Hindu propaganda involved in this. The slogan “Satta sey azaadi” makes us take this movement more seriously. Are there separatists forces behind these movements? Or are these just few attention seeking youngsters trying for their 15 minutes of fame?

And finally the one who threw the “semen-filled balloon” was caught!

Surprise surprise! It was a girl who had thrown this “semen filled balloon” on fellow college mates. And what did the police do about this? Took a written apology from the girl and her family. I wonder what the police would have done had it been a guy! Anyone up for gender equality now?

Ohh, and there were accusations of a similar incident from men too.

Did the “intellectuals” take this up with the same vigor? No!

Do you know why? Because women play an important role in today’s society. Once you make women anti-Hindu, anti-Men you can easily destroy our family culture. Third wave feminism has no relevancy in today’s world and it’s only doing more damage.