Senior AIADMK Member Blames The Family Of VK Sasikala For The Death Of Amma.

After a year of the death of J Jaylalithaa, a senior member of AIADMK has said that they were made to lie about the health condition of J Jaylalithaa.
Dindigul Sreenivasan a senior member of AIADMK, said that there was pressure on leaders of the party to lie about the health condition of J Jaylalithaa, and he went on to blame the family of VK Sasikala for the death of Jaylalithaa.

Last year J Jaylalithaa was admitted to Appolo hospital in Chennai for 72 days. Many times in this 72 day period the party and the hospital administration claimed that J Jaylalithaa is doing well. There were claims that she held meetings inside the hospital and even a letter with the signature of J Jaylalithaa was sent across the media on 13th November stating that she had a rebirth because of the love of people. But on December 5th she passed away.


Now Dindigul Sreenivasan has come up with a completely different version of what transpired inside the Appolo Hospital in those 72 days.
“We were compelled to lie about her health. Like many others, even I said that she was having idli and chutni just to make the people believe that she was doing fine. I had to do it to protect the party, stated Sreenivasan.

He further said that those people who visited the hospital to see J Jaylalithaa were not allowed to the floor where she was kept. Instead all those who came to see J Jaylalithaa were made to sit in the office of Pratap Reddy who is owner of the hospital, where Sasikala used to come down and talk with them. Those visited the Hospital to see J Jaylalithaa included Rahul Gandhi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, BJP President Amit Shah and even the State’s Governor Vidyasagar Rao.

“When they came to the hospital, they were made to sit in the hospital owner, Pratap Reddy’s room. Sasikala would come down and talk to them and they will return, that’s all. No one was allowed into the floor where she was kept,” Sreenivasan added.

TTK Dinakaran refuted all these allegations and came in defense of VK Sasikala.  “My aunt Sasikala was also not able to see Amma after October 1 fearing infection. Governor also met her. And saw her condition. Do you mean to say he is lying? These ministers are changing their stand for power and money,” he said.

Who is right and who is wrong, is something which only the time can answer. But one thing is for sure that these new statements will spark a new debate.