Senior Airforce official leaks classified data through Facebook and WhatsApp

New Delhi: Senior Airforce officer was taken to custody after being accused of sharing confidential information with a female friend on Facebook. The woman to whom the information were sent is suspected to be a spy. The officer was a group captain based in Airforce headquarters New Delhi.

The matter first came into light during routine counter-intelligence surveillance. A probe was conducted into the matter before the official was taken into custody. Official are trying to get an estimate of classified data leaked. According to reports the information were leaked through social networking means such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Officials in armed forces are to follow very strict guidelines in usage of social media. The soldiers are restricted from sharing their identity, post, rank, and other details on social media. They are not even allowed share their images in uniform.

The experts believe this to be a case of honey trapping. Honey trap is a method used by female spies of enemy nations in which they befriend with male officials of armed forces and try to leak information from them. In December 2015, the Delhi Police arrested a former Air Force officer for allegedly passing sensitive information to operatives suspected to be backed by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI.