Sensational Truth Exposed in Tuktuki Mandal case Shames Mamta’s TMC West Bengal Government

Sensational Truth Exposed in Tuktuki Mandal case Shames Mamta's TMC West Bengal Government

Massive twist in Tuktuki Mondal case. As per the accesses panel report, she was abducted and converted.Her Mother says, “She was under obvious pressure and was afraid of threats to her family”.

NCW report completely exposes Mamta Banerjee and TMC West Bengal Govt. Below are the points coming out of report.

  • Tuktuki appeared to be under tremendous pressure.
  • Tuktuki was emotionally battered while deposing to NCW.
  • West Bengal police failed in protecting Tuktuki & family
  • Tuktuki’s family still threatened, need proper security
  • Sensational Truth Exposed in Tuktuki Mandal case Shames Mamta's TMC West Bengal Government

Below is what Rajdeep Sardesai reported about this: 


Below is the full update of news items by NewsX confirming the truth

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Some Good News as well in this case:

Tuktuki Mondal case in Calcutta High Court: GREAT VICTORY TODAY.Interim Judgement delivered today by Hon’ble Justice Dipankar Dutta.

Tuktuki’s parents will get custody of their daughter.

Court order very exhaustive and detail :
Tuktuki’s study has to continue. 2 private tutors have to be arranged for her for Mathematics and English subjects. She will appear Secondary Examination without attending her school in Mograhat. WB Board of Secondary Education will ensure it.

Child Welfare Committee will keep vigilance over Tuktuki.
We are thankful to National Commission for Women and its Chairperson Lalitha Kumarmangalam as they took great pains to save Tuktuki and return her to parents.

Tuktuki Mondal’s parents and her family & relatives are happy today. We’ll get written order till afternoon. To execute the order through CWC, it will take 3-4 days more time as the Juvenile Home (SANLAP) office at Narendrapur will be remain open only on Friday. In all probability Tuktuki will return on Saturday.