Serious Doubts on Panama Papers; Here’s Why They Cannot be completely trusted !!!

Panama Papers, which was a major revelation of recent times, has created waves all across the world. Many political leaders of the world are already facing flak from their country. Iceland PM has already resigned. But, is it what it seems to be on surface?

Wikileaks, who had supported this yesterday, seems to have changed its stance on the matter. In a series of tweets, Wikileaks gave few facts which make the Panama Papers seem like a conspiracy against some specific leaders or nations.

Retweeted By Wikileaks

When the Credit was going to wikileaks for such viral ICIJ Tried to defend themselves by saying this :

The whole actual Credit actually goes to Wikileaks. If not for wikileaks, the Panama Papers would not be as big as they were. Wikileaks was promoting the leaks and many people actually thought the ICIJ is leaking details with the help of Wikileaks.

However, wikileaks didn’t investigate it before they promoted it at a larger level. They should have given some thought to this before promoting it instead of doing what they are doing now:

“Ford Foundation”. Yes, you read it right. It’s the same Ford Foundation.

If you remember the recent events in India, you would remember that it is the same foundation whose funds have blocked by Modi Govt. In an action against NGOs that are working against the interests of the nation, Modi government had banned foreign funds for Ford foundation, Greenpeace and others. Greenpeace were the ones who are alleged to have been funding Teesta Setalvad and people like her to destabilize India.

Another revelation by Wikileaks:

Putin Attack was apparently a manufactured lie and was produced by Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project(OCCRC) and was funded by United States Agency for International Development(USAID) to launch an attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Why? So that Putin is also forced to resign just as Iceland PM ‘Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson’ did. Is it possible that US is running fake propaganda to take down the Russian leader?

In short, it looks as if Panama leaks are targeted attacks on leaders who are either opposing the USA or whom the USA wants gone. Wikileaks have raised serious questions on the leaks.


It is possible that Panama leaks is nothing but plan by some US govt agency to plant propaganda against Russian leader Putin.

The Indian partner in the Panama leaks, The Indian Express does not have a good record of working for the nation. If you remember the headlines after Yakub was hanged, you know what we are speaking about. “And They hanged Yakub” was the headline of the paper suggesting as if Indian judiciary/government is somehow an outsider doing an act against the wish of the public. And that act being hanging of a convicted terrorist. So, the question is: Is The Indian Express in it in sort of a conspiracy against the current Indian government?

We believe that this may be a conspiracy against the current Modi government. It is entirely possible that Ford Foundation, Greenpeace and the other NGOs are coming together to destabilize governments that are not working as per their directions. The reason being that the first set of Indian names released are all either Modi supporters or thought to be benefiting under the Modi government by the opposition. It would not be surprising if they would plant the name of someone from the government in the leaks.

Why do you think even International journalists are so biased against Narendra Modi? Could this Panama Papers be fake?