Is there a serious threat to Right Wing Social Media forces in India?

On 30th January 1933, Adolf Hitler was anointed as the Chancellor of Germany with the backing of President Paul von Hindenburg, the German Military and German National People’s Party. This day was marked as a black day in German democracy because post this elevation the Germans were subjected to tyrannical dictatorship for nearly 14 years.

In 1934 after obtaining a majority in the Reichstag (Parliament), Adolf Hitler desecrated all forms of democratically functioning systems in Germany and appointed himself as the “Fuehrer” (President and Chancellor) of Germany.

Previous to this, two rounds of Presidential Elections were held on 13th March 1932 (first round) and 10th April 1932 (second round run-off). Hitler lost to his contender Hindenburg who was a celebrated German Military Officer.

Hitler on both occasions managed to get only 30% and 36.8% of votes, while Hindenburg managed 49.8% and 53% of the votes respectively. The absolute majority was clinched by Hindenburg on the second occasion and thus he claimed the President-ship of Germany at the age of 84.

This biggest question which would be lingering is everyone’s mind is this. How did Adolf Hitler manage to outsmart German citizens within a year of his electoral loss, not once but twice, and yet get democratically elected as the Fuehrer of Germany?

The answer to this question lies is in the form of another question, Who was Dr Joseph Goebbels? Dr. Joesph Goebbels is the founder of Berlin Newspaper Der Angriff (“The Attack”), the single Nazification instrument used by Hitler to spread his Nazi propaganda. Goebbels infact went on to become the Minister for Propaganda under the regime of Hitler.

On 27th February 1933, the infamous event of Reichstag Fire occurred in Germany. Rudolf Diels, head of the Prussian Political Police, arrived after Hitler, Goebbels and Hermann Goering (Nazi Minister). Diels later claimed that Goering told him that the fire was the start of a communist revolt and that “not a moment must be lost.”

Hitler was highly infuriated and immediately ordered that every communist official should be “shot where he is found” and that “communist deputies must be hanged this very night”. The public was told that the communists had burned down the Reichstag and the Police, SA (“Assault Division”) were doing all that they could to save the nation from unrest and catastrophe. The Nazis also captured the alleged perpetrator of the crime – a Dutch communist called Marius van der Lubbe, who was executed in January 1934.

Here is the part where Joseph Goebbels came in very handy, every Newspaper in Germany covered the story with the only angle of what was viewed by Goebbels. This set the tone for the Reichstag elections in March 1933 and the rest is history.

Nine years after this incident, at a birthday lunch for Hitler in 1942, Hermann Goering was seen boasting at the event that he was responsible for the Reichstag Fire. Not only does this explain why Hitler outsmarted the German Citizens but clearly explains the power of propaganda.

Burning of the Reichstag 1933. Germany / Mono Print

New Delhi Television (NDTV) was the brain child of Prannoy Roy, a foreign returned Psephologist (statistical study of elections and trends in voting). In 1988 NDTV began with the famous weekly show “The World This Week”, contracted from Doordarshan. Most of the resource and infrastructure of Doordarshan were being used for the growth of NDTV.

NDTV managed to return this favor by hiring kith and kin of every top official in Delhi, nepotism was ever so evident here. Infact under the NDA Government let by Vajpayee, two additional lisences were granted to NDTV for two new channels – NDTV 24*7 and NDTV India.

The golden period of NDTV truly started from 2004, after the return of Sonia Gandhi in the form of UPA with firm backing from the Left parties. Not only did this mark rise of Sonia Gandhi but also marked a big fall for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the form of “Godhra Riots”. One of the biggest achievements of NDTV was the portrayal of any form of Hindutva in an ultra negative image.

Unethical Journalism and hit jobs against the Gujarat Chief Minister set to an unprecedented level for the next 10 years under NDTV. Although now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been given a clean chit by the Supreme Court of India, the journalistic hit jobs had placed him in a Political Vanavas for almost 12 years (2002-2014).

Tax evasions, ownership changes using NDTV Shell companies, siphoning off money to private accounts, SEBI violations and finally the infamous 2G scams were some of the biggest baits given to NDTV. For a much detailed information on these alleged illegalities, read NDTV Frauds authored by Sree Iyer.

Ever since the advent of Social Media, Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp & Blogging, there is now a platform to set an alternative narrative in India. This social media narrative was instrumental in bringing a leader like PM Narendra Modi to power in May 2014.

This narrative is able to reach the audience very easily and exposes most of lies driven by the Main Stream Media houses. There are many sites which set an alternative narrative in India (,, and Despite being popular, many of these sites face a herculean task of obtaining funding from the right investors.

Pierre Omidyar, founder of EBay and Omidyar Network, is a 49-year-old Iranian American businessman. He has recently pledged $100m (£80m) to support investigative journalism, fight misinformation and counteract hate speech around the world. His two journalistic ventures in Indian social media are and

Any average follower of Indian social media would blindly identify these two websites being Anti Modi, Anti Yogi Adityanath (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) and primary Anti Hindutva. Although the network quotes that they are against “undermining democratic institutions in the world”, I am urged to ask a few questions to this OMIDYAR NETWORK.

  1. The two sites which has been identified by the Omidyar Network have set an Anti Modi and Anti Hindutva narrative from day one. Why is the network primarily funding Left Leaning sites?
  2. These sites have an ongoing vocal protest against the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), in spite of the open challenge given by Election Commission of India to provide proof of tampering. Aren’t these sites undermining democratic institutions of India?
  3. By undermining democratic institutions of India, aren’t these sites portraying a wrong notion to the public?
  4. These sites have also been primarily against CM Yogi Adiyanath, ever since his name was doing rounds for the Chief Minister post. Why can’t these sites accept the victory of democracy in India?
  5. Why do these sites try and generate a Anti Hindutva agenda among the public?
  6. How different are these sites from NDTV which was primarily known for their unethical hit job Journalism?

With all these questions cropping up in my mind, I am worried if there is a return of Dr. Joseph Goebbels to the Indian Social Media?