‘Shadi Mahals’ to get a facelift by Karnataka Government in a 3 crore project

The Minorities Department of Government of Karnataka seems to have been working overtime ahead of the elections which are just weeks away in Karnataka.

The Karnataka Government’s ‘soft’ approach on Minorities is nothing new. SatyaVijayi has exposed with documents, the misdeeds of the Congress Government.

Just a few weeks back we had exposed the state government’s move to provide free laptop, handy camera and other accessories to those ‘minority’ journalists in Karnataka.

The presence of Minority officials in Hindu Endowments Department occupying key decision making departments such as Finance and Accounting, budgeting, operations was also exposed by us.

Now with a motive to encourage and promote cultural activities and collective community benefits and financial assistance for construction of Shaadi Mahals Community Halls, the Government of Karnataka has release done-time grant of 3 crores, 32 lakhs to Shaadi Mahals in Kodagu District.

The notification is signed by Director of Minorities Mr.Akram Pasha. (see pic)

Karnataka has become a lawless state in the recent days; just a couple of days ago, policemen who busted a gambling racket were severely assaulted by the goons. Right under the nose of the Government, a 300 crore chit fund racket, in which some leading sports personalities had invested has closed the office and fled with the money.

When the Government had responsibility to ensure law and order is restored and ensures it prioritizes work, it is continuing its earlier work of rewarding the minorities.

The minority places of worship have now become ostentatious centres for overawing power and influence as it is one of the most crucial and dependable vote banks of the Congress party in Karnataka.

Siddaramaih a known protagonist of such political grandstanding is playing the minority card effectively to garner their votes in the upcoming assembly polls in the month of May 2018.

It is time that Karnataka voters decide if they want development or appeasement.