Shah claims Vedic education to be only alternative to Macaulay’s divisive system

BJP president Amit Shah Thursday inaugurated Patanjali Yogpeeth’s  “Acharyakulam” which claims to synthesise modern and Vedic education, saying yoga guru Ramdev has paved the way for the country’s freedom from Macaulay’s system of education by offering an alternative.

“By offering an option of Vedic education in the form of this institution, the yoga guru has shown the way out of Macaulay’s divisive education system whose foundations were laid during the British rule,” Shah said.

Thomas Babington Macaulay was a British historian and played a major role in the introduction of English as the medium of instruction for education in India. Assuring that the BJP governments in the states and at the Centre will give all support to Patanjali Yogpeeth in its mission of giving an alternative education system to the country, Shah said the Vedic system of education alone could ensure the holistic growth of students.

Alleging that Macaulay’s system of education introduced by the British had divided the society, Shah said the Centre will consider setting up a board at the national level to promote Vedic education in the country.

“Acharyakulam” claims to combine Vedic education with English and modern  concepts to enable its students to survive in a competitive environment.

Yoga guru Ramdev and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat were also present at the function here.
RSS sahkaryavah Bhaiyyaji Suresh said by opening an institution which combines modern concepts with Vedic education, Ramdev has taken a revolutionary step.