Shakeel Ahmad should be Ashamed of his Shocking Tweet on Muslims and Modi Government

Shakeel Ahmad should be Ashamed of his Shocking Tweet on Muslims and Modi Government

Congress has always tried to pretend to be the most secular party in the country but from time to time its pro-muslim policies for votes in elections have been exposed. As a police crack team moved in for a fearsome storming operation against armed terror suspects in the Saint Denis suburb of Paris, one of the immutable inevitabilities of the universe played out 6,500kms away in Delhi, where senior Congress spokesperson and former minister Shakeel Ahmad squinted into his phone to tweet the following:

You’d think that the frisson of global anger, sobriety and contemplation of the implications of Paris – and the world’s terrible dangers, hypocrisies and predicaments – would introduce a sort of ceasefire for imbecility and nearsighted political pot-shottery. But that’s one of the comforting things about Indian politicians: their brilliant inevitability. It is a delight that netas like Ahmad offer us a tenuous predictability at a dark, uncertain time for the world. It is infinitely pleasing that while three major powers, two of them geopolitical adversaries, show the first signs of willingness to align against the world’s only terror organisation with a veritable state to its name, back in India, we need never expect that the vision of politicians will step beyond their chalk-white Lutyens’ banglas.

Indian law enforcement has been a punching bag for communally charged finger-pointing for decades, so in that sense, Ahmad’s grammatically embarrassing tweet (for a spokesperson) breaks no new ground.

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