Good evening Sanatanis, this Tuesday we bring to you the story of Shakumbhri Devi.

Shakti Peeth Shakumbhri, meaning the abode of Shakti Goddess Shakambhari or Shakumbhri, is situated in the Jasmour village area, at a distance of 40 km to the north of Saharanpur inUttar Pradesh state of Northern India. It has two important temples of Hindu deities: one of the Goddess (Devi) Shakumbhri herself and another one, Bhura-Dev temple, located one kilometer away from it to the east, of the deity Bhairava, considered to be her guard.

In old times, there was a great demon named Durgamasur he was very cruel. Once he thought that he must attain the Vedas – the four books of worldly knowledge from the Gods and sages and he must get his fair share from fire sacrifices. Thus, he went to the Himalayas to perform penance.


He meditated upon Brahma, and lived only on air. He practiced hard penance for one thousand years then the Lord, the four-faced Brahma, became pleased with him came to grant the boon. Brahma said that he was pleased with penance and would grant his desired boon. Hearing this, the Demon got up from his penance and worshipping Him duly, asked Brahma to give him all the four books of Vedas. Hearing this, the Lord Brahma, the author of the four Vedas, granted the boon and went away.

From that time, the sages forgot all about the Vedas. So bathing, twlights, daily rituals, faith, sacrifices, and Japam and other rites and performances, all became extinct. Then a cry of universal distress arose on the surface of this wide earth; the sages began to wonder how they forgot the Vedas and wondered where they went. Thus when great calamities befell on the earth, the Gods became gradually weaker and weaker, not getting their share of the sacrificial offerings. At this time, that demon invaded the city of heaven. And the Gods, not being able to fight with the demon fled in various directions.

They took refuge in the caves of the mountain Sumeru and the inaccessible passes of the mountain and began to meditate on the Highest Force, the Great Goddess. When oblations of clarified butter are offered to the Fire, those get transferred to the Sun and get transformed as rains. So when the Homa ceremonies disappeared, there was the scarcity of rain. The earth became quite dry and not a drop of water was found anywhere. The wells, tanks, pools, rivers all were dried up. And this state of “no rains” lasted one hundred years. Countless people, hundreds and thousands of cows, buffaloes and other beasts went to the jaws of death.

Saints with their whole heart and without taking any food began to worship the Goddess daily with their penance, meditation and chanted the hymns of Maheshwari. At that time maheshwari Devi manifested in front of them and looked at them with a hundred eyes, hence I was called “Shatakshi” Then, Satakshi Devi transformed her appearance into a wonderful form, her eight hands held foods like grains, cereals, vegetables, greens, fruits, meat and other herbs, she wore a beautiful garment, this new form of Goddess is known as Shakambhari. Hearing these words of the Gods and the saints, the Auspicious one gave them the vegetables, delicious fruits and roots to them that were on Her Hand, for their eating. After She was prayed, She gave to men sufficient quantity of various articles of juicy food and to the beasts, grass, etc., until new crops came out. From that day she became famous by the name of Shakambhari (because she nourished all by vegetables, etc.). 

? Jai Shri Ram ?

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