Shame: AAP Leader Alka Lamba tweets and deletes really shameful Tweet on Amarnath Yatra Terror Attack!!

On 10th of July, terrorists killed seven pilgrims on the Amarnath Yatra and injured almost 32 people who were returning after visiting the holy shrine of Amarnath in Jammu and Kashmir. While India was mourning the death of pilgrims on Amarnath Yatra and the people were condemning the terror attack, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Alka Lamba was politicizing this issue based on religion.

Alka Lamba who is a known face from the Aam Aadmi Party and is a close aide of Arvind Kejriwal has been in the news for all wrong reasons. She is the MLA from Chandani Chowk where she recently obstructed a fire operation and preached from the rescue platform creating a midnight drama. Now she is back again in the news for her shameful tweets on the Amarnath Terror attack.

In the lieu of Amarnath attack, she first made a shameful tweet where she raised questions on why there were only Gujarati victims in the attack but deleted the tweet later. The tweet said ‘Conspiracy is deep, the bus and the passengers were from Gujarat. How is that the bus got separate from the troops,’ she asked. First, have a look at her deleted tweet.

Then, Twitterati started blasting Alka Lamba for her disgraceful statement because of which she deleted the tweet. But now she has tweeted something even shameful and has tried to politicize this issue based on the religion of the driver who saved lives of other pilgrims who were rescued from the indiscriminate fire of the terrorists. This is what she tweeted and on this sensitive issue, Alka Lamba is seen laughing her heart out instead of showing concern.

Sheikh Saleem Gafoor was the driver of the bus carrying 61 Amarnath pilgrims. When the bus was surrounded by terrorists who were indiscriminately firing, Salim Shaikh showed courage in the inky darkness and continued driving through the hail of bullets without stopping until he spotted an Army camp. He showed an example that humanity lies beyond religion but these political leaders are still busy equating this to religion to create communal hatred among the people.

Pilgrims on the bus were mainly from Gujarat and Maharashtra. Even as the terrorists kept firing bullets and shattered the windshield of the bus Salim Sheik never slowed down and thus rescued several lives of the innocents or this attack would have seen more deaths and injuries. If the driver would have stopped or panicked more lives would have been lost, believe those who survived the attack.

He, unfortunately, couldn’t save the seven but he managed to save the rest of the pilgrims and moved them to a safe place. The Jammu and Kashmir government announced cash rewards for Saleem for his bravery and Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani applauding his courage said ‘saviour Shaikh’ would be nominated for the annual bravery award.

Where the country was applauding the courage and bravery shown by the driver, Alka Lamba was pointing out the religion to which this braveheart belonged. This seemed like a joke to her and she expressed this pain of losing innocent pilgrims with joy and laughs. Twitterati lambasted her with outrageous reactions.

Where the country is saddened and is mourning the barbaric attack by the terrorists, the AAP leaders see a conspiracy behind this attack and also politicize this issue on the grounds of religion and state. There lies humanity before religion and that was shown by Salim Shaikh which these AAP leaders have failed to understand. Shame!

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Source: ViralInIndia