SHAME on Congress: Handler of Pathankot Terrorists was Released by UPA govt as ‘Goodwill Gesture’

Pathankot attack: Handler of fidayeen squad was released by UPA govt as a 'Goodwill Gesture'

The year does not seem to be going in favor of Congress, with one expose after another proving how Congress ruined the national security of the nation for their petty gains. In a major revelation that has come to light recently, a report suggests that the Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) terrorist Shahid Latif, who played a big role in the Pathankot attack, was released by UPA government as a goodwill gesture to Pakistan.

Yes, you read it right. Congress released the terrorist who then went on to attack India. Who would have thought this would happen? Right?

As per sources, Latif was in jail serving his term of 11 year sentence for terrorism. However, Manmohan Singh government released him on 28th May, 2010 as a goodwill gesture to Pakistan. It is said that Latif was the handler of the terrorists who attacked the Pathankot airbase.


Latif was not the only terrorist who was released that time. 24 more terrorists belonging to various terror outfits were sent back to Pakistan by the Congress government. The worst part is that terrorists had tried once already to get Latif released when they had hijacked India airplane IC-814. The NDA government had refused to release him then even when the lives of 154 Indian passengers were at stake. But the UPA government did not think twice before releasing him.

It is reported that Pakistanis persuaded Manmohan Singh to release these terrorists by saying it would improve ties between the two nations.

Latif is said to be very close to Masood Azhar and heads Jaish in Sialkot region from where terrorists are pushed into India.