SHAME! Snapdeal BUYS FAKE Tweets to Trend #SnapdealforIndia

Snapdeal fake tweets image 1

After Aamir Khan made that unfortunate comment about his wife being afraid and asking if they should leave India, it is Snapdeal which has faced the wrath of online Indians. The reason is that Snapdeal’s brand ambassador is Aamir Khan. In order to teach Aamir another way of non-violent protest, online Indians started a campaign called #APPWapsi.

#APPWapsi was simply a movement to uninstall or delete any app associated with Aamir Khan. Snapdeal paid the price and received most of the uninstalls from here. What anyone would expect next from the company is either a statement saying that they do not believe in the statement and that there is no intolerance in India. OR they would have removed Aamir Khan from their brand ambassador position.

But, it seems Snapdeal has found the easier route. That of buying everything with money. They are now paying twitter(no proof but observation) and many twitter profiles (we have proof) to trend #SnapdealforIndia on twitter and it seems they have succeeded in doing so.

Unluckily for them, most people are now using the trend to thrash Snapdeal.

Here’s the document that was circulated to fake profile owners to promote Snapdeal in order to receive some monetary benefit. We have received it through Tejinder Pal Bagga.

Snapdeal buying tweets image 1

We had a little bit of sympathy for Snapdeal before this as they were not REALLY involved in Aamir Khan’s blunder. But after seeing this attitude of Snapdeal that money can buy everything, even that little bit of sympathy is gone.

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