Watch – Shameless AIMIM MLA Imtiyaz Jaleel calls National Anthem a “nautanki”.

MIM MLA abusing national anthem image 1

MIM and controversies are like twins. Both are born out of each other. From threatening to kill all Hindus in India to insulting Gods of Hindus, they have done it all. And the country has tolerated it for some reason for some time. Not only has India tolerated MIM, Indian media has given them such wide coverage that they are now trying to come up as the only voice of Muslims in India. Scary?? Wait for more.

After the recent controversy over a theater forced to remove a muslim family as they refused to stand up for the national anthem, MIM has done it again. Imtiyaz Jaleel, an MLA from MIM, has called the national anthem a “Nautanki”. He was asking the country in a debate on Zee news as to “Why they do all these drama before playing the movie?”.

MNS leader Amay Khopkar led a rally in Mumbai against the loose statements made by Imtiyaz Jaleel and demanded him to issue an apology. “He should be tried for sedition. We are absolutely intolerant when it comes to our country and it’s national anthem. If he can’t pay tribute to the country, he should be kicked out of the nation.”

Here’s the video for you to see.

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