ShankhNaad alleges that Pratik Sinha manipulated the Araria video

After Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) loss in the Bihar by-poll elections, a self-shot video by the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supporters of Sarfaraz Alam raising Anti-India Slogans like “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Hazar” went viral.

Pratik Sinha, founder of AltNews, ran a campaign questioning the authenticity of the video. He went on to the extent of blaming even ANI for trying to cause friction between religious groups. This article by Pratik Sinha was published in yet another online magazine, The Wire.

It is laughable that Pratik Sinha who ran smear campaigns against General Bipin Rawat, Ex-RAW Officer RSN Singh and Major Gaurav Arya is talking about patriotism. So much that asking us to get an audio sample verified by “National Certifying Agencies,” just because the accused Sultan Azmi and Shehjad are from a mollycoddled community.

Now, let us debunk the Pratik Sinha’s Claims One by One:-

Claim #1:​ There are issues with lip sync in the video.

Truth:​ Here is the Properly Synced Original Video shows no Lip-Sync Error.

Video Link 1:- 

Video Link 2:-

Claim #2: An analysis using Audacity is good enough for a forensic investigation?

Truth:​ Audacity is free software used by novices for ultra basic audio editing feature

Claim #3:​ Spek is a professional Audio Analyzer

Truth:​ Spek is not a standalone professional audio workstation. Spek is an open source software to monitor audio waves. It does not guarantee that the uploaded audio file is genuine.

Claim #4:​ The encircled Spots where Audio Level is ZERO is a sign of manipulation

Truth:​ Spectrum Analyzer is Garbage In Garbage Out. This ordinary audio spectrum analyser will show you doctored results if you upload an edited/ manipulated track. Hence the encircled Spots where Audio Level is ZERO makes no sense. The above spectrum analyser report is redundant because it relies on an edited video. His entire analysis revolves around the assumption that the video does not sync with the audio, which has already been proven to be baseless.

What software was used by Shankhnaad for analysing the original video and the extracted audio? ShankhNaad has used State of the Art software called Logic Pro X by Apple. It is one of the most popular professional Digital Audio Workstations used by world’s most prominent media corporations.

Why did the Pratik Sinha force us into believing that the audio is fake?

If you have realized by now, the Hinduphobic gang has managed to take your attention away from the real premise. The Real Motto was to deviate focus from “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge”​ chants evident between 10th second & 12th second. By engaging everyone in the argument of missing audio links, he successfully managed to shift the attention from “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge to whether the Audio is real or not.

Why Did the Pratik Sinha call the Audio Distorted and Out of Sync?

He comfortably ruled out two possibilities:

a) The video used for analysis was not unedited

b) The Anti-India Slogans were ignored by this so called Fake News buster.

We analysed the Video used by Pratik for Analysis :

And this is what we found:-

We all have to remember that there are multiple edited versions of the video in circulation. Some of them might or might not be doctored. However, if it is prove that Pro Pak Slogans or Anti India Slogans were indeed raised, it is enough to try them for sedition.

Pratik Sinha should show where is the manipulation when they have screamed: “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge” at 10th second and 12th second? Can he show us where is the “CUT” or Manipulation in the audio wave at or before 12 seconds?

If Pratik Sinha is referring to this video:-

Let us Analyse the video’s audio wave :

After running a check, we found that the results were same

Proof 1:

Proof 2:

Ask any sound engineer in your vicinity if they can spot any manipulation is the wave right here. At this particular point, one can hear Bharat Tere Tukde Honge​. If there were any intended addition, the track would have clipped or grown abnormally around there.

The sudden drop or gap in the wave happened because the device couldn’t detect any signal which is very close to something known as “clipping” that occurs when the amount of signal received is way too much for the device to handle. In both conditions, you hear nothing.

When your device stops or isn’t in a position to accept any more audio signals, it goes blank. In case of an unexpectedly significant amount of audio input (sudden screaming/ screeching/ cable errors/ explosions/ lose connections/ poor audio device), there will be such audio loss.

In this particular case, it was complete mayhem with a lot of celebratory explosions in the background. Hence, one cannot guarantee that the missing audio is due to manipulation. But the Anti-India Slogan happened much before and the claim of loss of signal is deemed redundant

Claim #5:​ There are two cuts in the audio

Truth:​ Watch the original video provided by an anonymous bipartisan user @IndiaSeHun. The same video was referred to by Pratik Sinha:-


As claimed by Pratik Sinha, there is no audio loss or cut in the original video. What did we find after analyzing the original video? After we ran to check on the original video, we were shocked to find out that there was absolutely no audio loss or abrupt cuts as claimed by Pratik Sinha.


All this leaves us with only two conclusions, either Pratik Sinha and his gang intentionally manipulated the audio, or they were so eager to prove nationalists wrong that they carried out a shoddy investigation based on Hinduphobic Presstitute reports. To top it all, as per sources from Times Now, Bihar DGP KS Dwivedi confirms Araria tape is not doctored, says accused have not denied chanting anti-India slogans.

If he extracted audio file himself from the wrong video, AltNews owes an explanation to the country for being reckless and dangerously manipulative. If he extracted audio from the original video, then the Pratik Sinha must be booked and sent behind bars for communal rabble-rousing and creating a sense of insecurity amongst communities and supporting and protecting Anti-National Elements, something that easily tantamounts to sedition, treason and an act of war against the Nation.