How Shashi Tharoor Attacked Rahul Gandhi In Interview With Barkha On Janeu-dhari Hindu is SHOCKING

Senior Congress leader and writer Shashi Tharoor called the Congress Party’s proclamation of Rahul Gandhi being a Janeu-dhari Hindu as unfortunate. This comment from Tharoor came months after Congress party from a official press conference said that Rahul Gandhi is a Janeu-dhari (sacred thread wearing) Hindu.

While speaking to Barkha Dutt on her social media project MoJo, Tharoor criticized the statement calling it unfortunate. He said that there was no need for it and Rahul’s great grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru had hoped caste would disappear from India. When asked whether Rahul himself was happy with the statement or not Tharoor replied saying that he is not sure as he did not discuss the particular subject with newly appointed Congress President.

However during the interview Tharoor did stress on Rahul Gandhi being a devotee of Lord Shiva. He said that from personal conversations he knows that Rahul Gandhi is a genuine Shiv-Bhakt (Lord Shiva devotee). He further said that he knew about it from a long time but people are only getting to know now. He also claimed that Rahul Gandhi is a deep person who has complex set of beliefs when it comes to faith, he also practices Buddhist vipasaana. According to Tharoor, Rahul Gandhi has some very interesting ideas about religion.

During Gujarat Assembly election campaigns Rahul Gandhi was on a visit to Somnath temple where he had signed his name in the register for non-Hindu visitors. This caused huge uproars in the political lanes. Congress party held an official press conference soon after and claimed that Rahul Gandhi is not only a Hindu but a Janeu-dhari Hindu. A few days after the statement Rahul himself said that he and his family is devotee of Lord Shiva.