Sheena Murder: How Media is Ignoring 4 Important News for TRP

Manipur violence image 2

Sheena murder case offered a great TRP opportunity to media. There has rarely been a murder case filled with so many twists and so many unwarranted and unexplained relationships that would shame Ekta Kapoor’s TV serials. However, in their unquenchable thirst for higher TRP’s, media ignored three important things happening in the country. Of course, they are not earth shattering events. But they are events that should be covered. News that should be in news. Satyameva Jayate brings them to you:

1) Flood like Situation in West Bengal and Assam

There is a flood like situation in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal right now, which media has completely ignored. NDRF teams are working on disaster relief and are helping people get out of the situation.

Jalpaiguri floods image 1

Jalpaiguri floods image 2

Similar situation was also prevalent in Assam where there is a flood like situation in Dibrugarh. However, media does not have time to show images from the north east. As Rajdeep Sardesai had once said, Assam is too far away from Delhi to be covered by the lazy news media in India. Here are some images of the floods. (Source: ANI)

Assam floods image 1

Assam floods image 2Floods in neither state have been covered by Delhi media.

2) Violence in Manipur over ILPS bill

Manipur is seeing violence from non-natives of the state over the passing of ILPS bill. Yesterday, the houses of Manipur health minister, MLA of Thanlon and MLA of Singhat were set ablaze as can be seen in the below images (Source: ANI)

Manipur ILPS violence image 1

Manipur violence image 2

But media does not have time to either show why this is happening or to even show that this is happening as again, it is too far from Delhi to cover properly and media would rather work like a daily TV drama show and unveil twists in a family relation that turned into murder to you than cover major violence in a state that is not Gujarat.

The point of fight here is ILPS. ILPS or the INNER line permit system is a bill that is about to be passed in the manipur assembly. ILPS bill is being demanded by the natives of Manipur to protect themselves from the constant influx of illegal migrants in the state. However, the migrants in the state are not happy about the prospect of such a bill being passed and hence, they are resorting to violence against the members of the assembly and against the natives in general to some extent.

3) Violence in Bhubhaneshwar after arrest of Baba Surendra Mishra

There was violence in Bhubhaneshwar, Orissa yesterday after Baba Surendra Mishra was arrested. Vehicles including auto-rickshawa and private bikes were set on fire in the violence.

Violence in Orissa image 1

Violence in Orissa image 2However, violence in a state is not good enough news to cover when you can show TV drama over and over for 24 hours.

4) 127 Maoists surrendered to Malkangiri police (Odisha)

127 maoists surrendered yesterday to Malkangiri police. Malkangiri is in Odisha state. Out of the 127 maoists who surrendered, there was one with a reward of one lakh rupees on him. Check images of the surrender below. (Source: ANI)

Maoists surrender police image 1

Maoists surrender police image 2

Now, why did media not cover these news items and rather focus on Sheena murder case? Whose fault is it? Well, truth be told, it is your fault. You would rather see, like and share news related to Sheena murder case than these news items. Feel you are different? Share the news items on your timeline.