Shehla Rashid’s ‘fake news’ about Kashmiri students being harassed, falls flat

Police on Sunday dismissed reports of Kashmiri students being attacked in Dehradun in the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack and asserted that “everything is normal.”

“Rumours are being spread on social media that girls here are not safe. Everything is normal here. We are providing full protection to everyone,” Director General of Police Ashok Kumar told ANI.
The statement came after controversial student activist Shehla Rashid in a tweet claimed that students from Kashmir are being targeted in Dehradun.

However, even after the police department clarified, Rashid was not willing to believe anything. The JNU student leader, who also happens to be one of the accused in 2016 JNU sedition case, instead accused the police of “gaslighting the victims.” Apart from Rashid, Fahad Shah, editor of a news portal named Kashmir Wallah was also seen peddling similar rumours about Kashmiri students being harassed in Dehradun.

As the rumours did not seem to stopping even after police clarification, the CRPF had to intervene. The CRPF also assured that no harassment is being meted out to the the Kashmiri students in Dehradun. Various local residents also confirmed the same.

It was only after this that the likes of Shehla Rashid and Fahad Shah realised that that they do not have an iota of proof to establish their claims, and were forced to restrain.

On Saturday, the police had arrested a Kashmiri student for allegedly posting insensitive and communal content on social media in the wake of the terror attack.

Mohd. Jamil who hails from Poonch district of Kashmir said, “I have been studying here in Moradabad for eight years in Moradabad. We are safe here, the people are treating us well.”
“The environment is very good. We feel safe here. India is our country. We are getting the same treatment here as we used to get at home,’ said Abdul Rehman, a Kashmiri living in Moradabad.

Earlier, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued an advisory to all states and Union Territories to take necessary measures and ensure the safety and security of people belonging to Jammu and Kashmir.