Shia Waqf Board Chief Wasim Rizvi calls Babri Masjid a “blot”

Well known for his controversial and unorthodox comments, which often results in displeasure of people from his own community, Shia Waqf Board Chief, Wasim Rizvi has come out to make yet another statement that is bound to cause major controversy. In a statement as reported by the Zee news, Wasim Rizvi referred to ‘Babri Masjid’ as a “blot” and said it is a crime to call it a mosque.

Rizvi said that during the excavation, a square made of bricks was found at the bottom of the 50 pillars of the temple in Ayodhya. A total of 265 old remnants of the temple were found and the digging under the mosque was done by 137 workers, of which 52 were Muslims, he added. The board chief pointed out that on the basis of this the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had reached the decision that a temple was buried underneath the Babri Masjid.

Rizvi suggested that there should be an agreement. He said that it is the right of the Hindus to build Ram temple at the Ayodhya site, while musloms should build a new mosque at Lucknow.

He concluded that at the backdrop of such a scenario, calling Babri a masjid will be unjust and against the principles of Islam. “There is still time the ‘mullas’ of Babri should accept their mistakes and accept the preachings of Prophet Mohammed,” he said.

Shia Waqf Board, led by Wasim Rizvi has already given a no-objection to construction of temple at the site. For long, Rizvi has been critical of radical elements in the Muslim society. He once had urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to shut down all the functioning madrasas in the country, calling them to be breeding ground of terrorists.

Earlier this year, he had made similar remarks. “There was never a Masjid on that site in Ayodhya and there can never be a Masjid there. It is the birthplace of Lord Ram and only a Ram Temple will be built. Sympathizers of Babar are destined to lose,” news agency ANI had quoted him as saying.