SHOCKER: 70-year-old Muslim Moulvi rapes and tortures a 9-year old girl in madrasa in Delhi

New Delhi: A nine-year-old girl was left severely injured after being raped by her 67-year-old neighbour in Bawana in north-west Delhi on Sunday evening. The accused is the maulvi of a local madrassa, also the site of the crime.
Senior police officers said on Wednesday that the accused was identified as Mohammad Zafir Alam, who ran the religious school from his shanty. The girl underwent some medical procedures on Wednesday morning and she remains in a critical, although stable, condition.
The girl’s neighbour first noticed the blood stains on her clothes on Tuesday when she was helping her package incense sticks. The neighbour went to the survivor’s house and asked how the family could be ignorant of the girl’s “sickness”. When asked by her aunt about what had happened, the girl was much too afraid to give a clear reply. Eventually, the nine-year-old tearfully said she had tried to stop the bleeding for two days but hadn’t been able to.
The family took her to a doctor who gave her some painkillers. “The doctor told us that she had been raped and required immediate medical attention,” the girl’s aunt narrated. On the way to the hospital, in response to the aunt’s query if someone had touched her in a bad way, the girl told her about the maulvi’s act. She said she had been raped on Sunday at the madrassa where, for four months, she had been going for one-hour classes from 6pm to 7pm.

This is what, Swati Maliwal tweeted on this incident

She said that the accused had stopped her even as the others left after lessons on Sunday evening. The girl asked the maulvi if there was some work or he wanted her to get something from outside, to which he had said yes. But when Alam closed the door of the room, the girl started crying. After slapping her to cow her, the man proceeded to rape her. He threatened the girl that he would beat her again if she told anyone about what had happened. Then giving her Rs 5, he asked her to return home.

Investigating officers said that terrified girl didn’t tell her family members about the incident. For two days, she also hid her bleeding. When the neighbour informed the family about her condition, the girl tried to pass if off as an injury. The survivor was sent to the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, where she will be kept under observation for the next few days.

As per Delhi Police, Alam has been arrested for rape, with additional culpability under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. Rajneesh Gupta, DCP (Rohini), said the accused has been remanded in judicial custody and the cops are carrying out a full investigation.

Source: Twitter and TOI