Shocking-Azam Khan Justifies Paris Attacks as Reaction of US attack on Iraq and Syria-Full Video

We knew that there are many political leaders in India, who support and justify islamic terror and condemn saying TERROR HAS NO RELIGION, but now things are coming out in Open.

Recently, when Azam Khan was asked about his stand and view on Paris attack, he says that whatever happened is wrong but it had happened because of Superpower(USA) has attacked Iraq and Syria and hence justified and its a reaction of US attack. He goes ahead to say, If super powers continue to attack terrorists, this will continue and justifies act of ISIS terrorists.

If there are such leaders in India, there is no need of external enemies like Pak and China. These scums are enough to destroy the country.

Here is the full Video of the speech.


Also find video of Mani Shankar Aiyar asking pakistan’s help in defeating Modi and lauds pervez musharraf for his brave attack on Indians at Kargil.

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