Shocking : Christian School in Arunachal Pradesh Demands “Certificate of Baptism” for Admission of Students


It is undeniable the incidents when the students of other religion have been discriminated by Christian convent schools.

Such matters are often well suppressed by a section of media and the minority appeasing forces. In the recent case of issuing the notice to St. Xavier’s School in Arunachal Pradesh on asking the certificate of baptism before the admission, the school of authority denied for alleged practice.

Last Thursday, the Deputy Commissioner of district Tirap Khonsa in Arunachal Pradesh issued a notice to the principal of St. Xavier School, Tirap to stop the practice of asking certificate of baptism as a prior condition of admission.

After a couple of complaints from the parents, it came to know by local District Collector Ravi Jha that St. Xavier’s School is demanding for a certification of baptism before admission. So taking the cognizance of this unconstitutional demand, the DC Ravi Jha issued an advisory to the school and the deputy director of School Education Department. He made a strong objection in contrary to  Right To Education as provided under 14(A) of the Constitution of India and Article 15(1) of the Constitution of India, which is about freedom to practice one’s religion.


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