My close family member is a key member in PMO, let’s call him Mr A for simplicity. So Mr. A had retired in Feb 2014 and he was happily spending his time with the family. He has spent almost all his career with Congress Govt.

In his daughter’s wedding all the array of Congress leaders had come. Kapil Sibal and Ashwini Kumar are his family friends. Now in May 2014 after Modi took over he looked at officers and did a big reshuffle. He still had major gaps to fill. So he recalled 7 officers who had retired recently based on their excellent track record.

Mr A was one of them. He was not too keen as he had post-retirement plans. However to cut the chase he was finally convinced for a year, he is not a fan of BJP and Modi.

Then began the mad drill. Life turned upside down. Even on Holi and Diwali days he and the entire team are with Modi. On Diwali day he came home 11 in the night. Last week he agreed to extend his contract by another year.

He said in last 44 years in Govt he has never worked so hard and so much. He was recently telling me that he is worried the way Modi is working, he may be harming his own health. Apparently many times he skips regular meals to accommodate some requests. “Modi is working avg 18-20 hours a day!!!”

When I asked him why he doesn’t respond to allegations against him, he laughed and said he has reached state of self actualization. Every meeting they have, he runs through it for 30 mins and then he always ask the same question to everyone in every meeting “What more can we do to make India better ?” 24×7 he is on the over drive working on it.

Mr A said a recent example where they finished a meeting at 12 in the midnight and as they were walking out there were 3 groups of people waiting for him.

Coincidentally he had meeting on another topic at 8am in the morning the very next day. When they were walking in at 8am, the 3rd group from previous night was walking out. And later he came to know from his secy that PM Modi hasn’t slept for 36 hours !!!

And this is when it is business as usual and not national emergency. Mr. A says he does not know whether Modi’s health will survive this self inflicted tough schedule or if he will even win the next election

However he is clear of one thing… In this 5 years he will leave a lasting legacy…

Source: True story by Manish Malhotra ,an Indian MBA in U.K