SHOCKING EXPOSE!! This Is Real Truth Truth Behind This Viral Pic Saying Nita Ambani & RBI Governor’s Wife Are Sisters

Rumor and fake news getting propagated via twitter and many a times also carried forward even by main stream media is common these days. Specially, if the news is hurting big on current government.

Off late, a Viral Image was trending on Social Media especially in twitter that Wife of Newly appointed Governor of Reserve Bank of India Mr Urjit Patel is sister of Mukesh Ambani’s wife, Nita Ambani.

The connection, people want to bring by spreading this news is Ambani might been aware of Demonetisation plans by PM Modi way ahead as his wife and RBI Governor’s wife are sisters.

Here are some of them spread over the internet.


Few shared by AAP Supporters as well

Few more

Talking about the actual fact, Mamta Dalal is the only sister of Nita Ambani. She’s a teacher by profession and teaches at a school that Ambanis run.


So time and again, for mere political gains, Opposition pumps in photoshopped images and doctored facts and many people believe it without verifying it. We request you to verify the credentials of any news before you believe and endorse.

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Source: TOI