Shocking : Indigo Refused To Accept Indian Currency In Bangalore-Dubai Flight. Man has Filed a Complaint Against the Airline

Recently, Indigo airlines was in the controversy, where an elderly man was beaten by Indigo Ground Staff and abused. It was also alleged that Airline fired the messenger, who shot the Video and left both the ground staff with warnings.

Troubles seem to continue for the airline as a complaint has been registered at Sarojini Nagar Police Station, New Delhi, against the airlines under the charge of sedition by a person known as Pramod Kumar Jain.

As per the complaint, Pramod Kumar Jain travelled from Bangalore to Dubai in an IndiGo flight number 6E95 on 10th Nov, 2017.

He boarded the flight at 7.20 AM and he didn’t have any meal till that time.

During the flight, when he ordered food, the crew members of the flight refused to provide him food as he was paying in Indian currency. As per the allegation, they stated that they are allowed to take payment only in foreign currency.

Despite repeated requests, the crew maintained that they won’t take payment in Indian currency which as per the victim is a case of sedition.

How can Indian crew in Indian flight refuse to accept Indian currency which is legal tender from an Indian passenger?

Here is the snapshot of detailed complaint by the passenger

Mr Pramod has stated that he felt humiliated, when an India based Airlines Indigo Airlines in India refuses to accept Indian Currency.

Source: RVCID