Shocking: Junior Intl Officer GOI exam has Special Quota for GUJARAT RIOTS Victims

Intelligence Officer  work for the Govt of India is highly prestigious. These JIO’s become expert and part of prestigious ones like RAW.  But the latest entrance exam requirements posted on GOI website has a shocking condition.

Yes, Its shocking because one of the condition to get special privilege in exam is if you are a victim of 2002 Gujarat Riots.The special privilege is 5 years extension to age limit, if you are minority victim of communal Gujarat riots 2002. Neither the 2014 Assam riots, nor the 1993 Mumbai riots, nor the 2016 Malda riots, nor the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, but only 2002 Gujarat riots, because the riot history of India begins in 2002 & ends in 2002 as shown to us by Presstitutes.

Who knows, next step will be special discounts and 5% reservations to minority victims of 2002 riots everywhere in India so that Secular Fabric and Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb is maintained?

Below is the link and Screenshot to confirm the same and yes, Its a Ministry of Home GOI website.

Link of the exam :