Shocking! Muslim Cleric Issues Fatwa On West Bengal BJP State President Dilip Ghosh – Where Is India Heading To ?

A muslim cleric on Monday issued a fatwa against Dilip Ghosh for making unacceptable comments against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, drawing a bitter reaction from the state BJP president. Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque Maulana Noor-ur Rahman Barkati told a press conference today that he has issued the fatwa against Ghosh for “making filthy comments against the chief minister”. “From where does he get such audacity to make filthy comments against our beloved chief minister who is the most secular leader of our country? I issued the fatwa which states that he should be pelted with stones and then kicked out of Bengal. He does not deserve to stay in Bengal,” Barkati said

Reacting to the Fawta BJP state president of WB Dilip Ghosh said What does Barkati think, is this Bangladesh or Pakistan that he will issue fatwa against me? He can issue fatwa against TMC, they will listen to him, but not BJP. It seems that Barkati no longer wishes to stay in Bengal or India. I think he is planning to migrate to Pakistan or Bangladesh,” Ghosh told PTI. The Trinamool Congress on Sunday had condemned Ghosh for using “abusive and goonda-like” language against Banerjee, while announcing a three-day protest against the Centre’s demonetisation of high-value notes. BJP asked these private organization of political parties to stay in their limits and not issue any religious implementation as this is a democratic country and such implementation would have sharp reaction. We understand Dilip Ghosh has made a unacceptable comment but what rights does any religious leader has on implementing their religious law on the politicians on the democratic nation. India is abides by its constitution and not any religious law and hence no religious implication would be effective in this country