Shocking: Prashant Bhushan Abuses Lord Krishna on Twitter, Plays Victim Card after people file Police FIR against him

Prashant Bhushan, who is an advocate is known for his anti india and anti hindu activities. From running midnight to Supreme Court in a failed attempt to save terrorist Yakub Memon to his regular brab of making Kashmir so called ‘Azad’ or even gifting it to Pakistan. Here is a Video, where Prashant Bhushan clearly says to give Kashmir to Pakistan or to separate it.

yesterday, this old man went far ahead.On a response of tweet from Anupam as below, he tweeted to insult lord krishna and Hinduism.

And here is what, this old man Prashant Bhushan tweeted insulting Lord Krishna by calling Lord Krishna an eve teaser.

He got nicely slapped on twitter. Below are the best ones.

There were some police complains and FIRs also filed against this old man, who hurt religious sentiments of hindus.

Once, Prashant Bhushan realized that Hindus are filing FIR’s and will not tolerate insult of their religion by him, he plays victimized and tweets in a different tone.

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