SHOCKING! Pregnant Indian woman stabbed to death in Oman

pregnant Indian stabbed oman image 1

In a shocking news that most media outlets did not report, a pregnant Indian woman was found dead in her apartment on Thursday. The Indian woman was working as a nurse in Oman.

Chikku Robert was living with her husband in Oman. Both of them are originally from Kerala and were working at the Badr Al Samaa hospital in Salalah city, which is the capital of Dhofar province in Oman. The couple had recently married about four months back. When Chikku Robert’s body was found, there were at least a dozen stab wounds on her body, according to the Times of Oman.

“She was found dead in her apartment yesterday. She was supposed to be on duty by 10pm. As she didn’t turn up to duty, her husband went to the apartment only to find her lying dead,” said Manpreet Singh, the honorary Indian consular agent in Salalah.

“Investigation is on, police have sealed the area and the body is kept in Sultan Qaboos Hospital,” he added.

“It’s sad news. We are waiting for updates,” said KO Devassy, the group marketing manager of the hospital.

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