SHOCKING: These 10 anti-India tweets by Burhan Wani will Boil Blood of any Indian

Burhan Wani Terrorist image 1

Burhan Wani’s encounter after his terrorist friends attacked the soldiers who had encircled them led to huge protests from separatists in Kashmir valley. At least 21 people have been killed in these protests and a few cops were martyred in these too. Over 100 cops have been injured.

All this for a terrorist who wanted to kill all Indian army men in Kashmir. All this for a terrorist who hated non-Muslims. All this for a terrorist who hated India.

And if you think we are exaggerating things, we bring to you 10 tweets from his timeline that show why Burhan Wani’s encounter was completely justified:

He believed that only Gun is the solution to Kashmir

Celebrated the death of CRPF men

Encouraged youth to die

Prayed for Pakistani Terrorists

Encouraged even kids to play with guns

Threatened that he will finish India

Was against Democracy

Called Indian Army soldiers as Dogs

Called Non-Muslims Beggars

If these images and tweets do not shock you to the core and make you hate this terrorist, I am not sure anything will.

Share this with all people you know. Let them know the terrorist that many PRESSTITUTES are celebrating and his reality.

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