Shocking! Uttarakhand Governments Stoops To New Low To Please Their Vote Bank

Congress party known for their Muslim pleasing politics has slipped to new low. Uttarakhand government has announced a special 90-minute break to be given to the government employees from the Muslim community in for Friday prayers, official sources said.
A cabinet meeting on Saturday, chaired by chief minister Harish Rawat, decided that a special break from 12:30pm till 2pm will be given to the employees from the community, they said.


We want to understand if the government is run based on religious sentiments and is professionalism backed by religious practices. If so why cannot hindu community get breaks for Pooja every day. Uttarakhand governments this move comes under massive criticism from the citizens.


This is zero professionalism. Religious sentiments should be kept outside govt offices. How would this work while people wait outside the offices of these officials and they restore for prayers and poojas during work hours. We can only wonder how low can congress party stoop to, to please their vote bank.