SHOCKING: You will NOT Believe what Tipu Sultan’s Sword’s INSCRIPTION READS!!

Secular’s in Karnataka along with pro liberalism secular people like Girish Karnad with support of Congress started celebrating Tipu Jayanti on occasion of Birth Anniversary of Tipu Sultan.

Congress even en-cashed so called extremely secular festival to an extent that they celebrated it on a wrong day. Yes they celebrated it on 10th Nov, which was not his birthday but the day, when Tipu Sultan slaughtered 700 Mandyayam Ayangars.

Also the day was Diwali. So plan by Congress, So called liberal Secular people, Muslims and their supporting parties like PFI to offend hindu. They even killed Kuttapa while celebrating Tipu jayanti Last year.

But was Tipu Sultan really secular as being projected by these secular Liberals, Muslims and Congress party? Well, lets see whats written on his Sword, which was brought back to India from British by Vijay Mallya.

Another tweeple who knows Arabic points out a clarification:

However, one obvious thing to note is that the MAJORITY of “unbelievers” that were around Tipu’s time were Hindus.

With this, do you really feel that Tipu Sultan was secular and his jayanti should be celebrated in India?

Tipu Sultan–Just Facts and You Decide

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