SHOCKING!! Condition Of Minority Hindus In Islamic Rule Bangladesh Which No one Talks About!

“Secularism” The word which has been used millions of times by millions of people belonging to the “minority” religion in India. This word has been used for everything , from freedom of speech to justifying a Hindu’s murder.

Hindu’s are not only murdered/tortured only in Hindu-majority India but also in countries where the percentage of Hindus has been declining rapidly over the past few decades , such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hinduism is the second most tortured religion in the world after the Jews.

In 1947, India gained independence and Pakistan was carved out of it. At the time of separation, Hindus constituted over 30 percent of the population of East Pakistan (Bangladesh). They were largely educated and hence more prosperous. After the formation of Pakistan, various rules and laws were imposed and bills, acts and resolutions were passed to exploit the non-Muslims of Pakistan. They were discriminated against and were considered traitors. Violence directed towards Hindus broke out periodically, and Hindu immigration to India continued steadily. By 1970, Hindus constituted less than 20 percent of the population and now are falling rapidly due to the forced conversions by religious groups in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is a widely known fact that during the Bangladesh Liberation War, 3 million East Pakistanis died and 10 million fled to India, but very few know that of the 3 million dead, 90 percent i.e. 2.7 million, were Hindus, and of the 10 million who fled to India, three-quarters (7.5 million) were Hindus. At that time Hindus in Bangladesh accounted for 30 percent of the population. In 1970, they formed 19 percent of the population. Today, Hindus only constitute 9 percent of Bangladesh’s population.

For instance- the ‘enemy Property Order of 1965’ introduced by the Pakistani government was later renamed ‘Vested Property Act’ and enables the government to label any citizen as ‘enemy of state’ and to confiscate all of his/her/their family’s property. Since 1948, almost 75 percent of the land belonging to minority groups have been confiscated under this law. Since 1965, 26 million acres of land have been confiscated from Hindus. Since 1972, land from 925,050 Hindu families has been confiscated from Hindus.Moreover, due to the systematic Islamization of Bangladesh, the condition of Hindus is worsening. Cases of public beatings, stabbings, gang rapes, and forced conversion of Hindus is continuously increasing. All this calls for a strong unity of the 1 billion-strong Hindus all around the world to protest against the atrocities faced by us everyday and educate people all over the world to help us to raise our voice all over the world.

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