Showing Shehla Rashid The Mirror Of Triple Talaq Truth

The former JNUSU President and AISA Activist Shehla Rashid claimed in a tweet yesterday morning that she has not seen a single instance of instant Triple Talaq in the Muslim community. And she has further urged the people of India to not demonize the Muslim community.

This tweet of Shehla Rashid is not only misleading and miles away from the truth, but such statements will encourage the fundamentalists in the Muslim community to further suppress the voice of women inside the community. We also believe that such a misleading tweet mocks the pain and battle of thousands of Muslim women who have been victims of the evil practice known as the Triple Talaq.

Just because Shehla Rashid hasn’t seen something that doesn’t mean the existence of it should be questioned. Looks to us like Shehla Rashid seems to have a very little idea about what is happening in the real world beyond the JNU campus. We will show her the mirror of reality, which is called the life outside JNU campus.

According to a report by India Today, out of all divorced Muslim women, 69.9% were given divorce orally (instant triple talaq). Where people like Shehla Rashid and her leftist friends talk about revolution only inside the secured JNU campus and on Twitter, ordinary women like Ishrat Jahan brought a real revolution by fighting against the Triple Talaq and putting an end to it.

According to a survey conducted by the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, 408 divorced Muslim women out of 525 were given Triple Talaq. And if all these statistics do not open the eyes of Shehla Rashid we will give some examples of recent Triple Talaq incidents.

  1. In October last year a man given Triple Talaq to his wife after beating her up. And he threw his wife and children’s out of the house. The reason for the divorce is that the wife scolded the husband for stealing a mobile phone.
  2. Earlier this year a woman in Mumbai was given Triple Talaq because she switched off the fan in the room.
  3. Last year a woman in Hyderbad was given Triple Talaq over WhatsApp
  4. Earlier this year in Hyderbad a man was arrested for giving Triple Talaq to his wife over a post card just within 8 days of marriage.
  5. Another man hailing from Hydrabad and settled in USA given Triple Talaq to his wife over What’s app. The matter came to light after the in-laws of the woman tried to murder her in February.
  6. A woman in Maharashtra named Shamsunnisa accused her husband of giving her Triple Talaq over phone on 25th May this year, when she objected to the criminal activities of her husband Shah. Shamsunnisa was a Hindu girl who married to Shah in 2011 and embraced Islam.
  7. Shabreen is another Triple Talaq victim from Uttar Pradesh. She was given Triple Talaq over phone and now she has been left alone with. with her 11 months old child.

These are just few of the hundreds of such incidents which took place in recent months. Even though Shehla Rashid is yet to see one such instance, the Triple Talaq was nothing short of a curse to the Muslim women which has now been banned by the Supreme Court.